Volunteer for EMCEL


Join the EMCEL group of parent and community Volunteers!

Help us and you will help your child succeed at EMCEL.


Please review the areas below where you would like to get involved.

We’ve listed the number of hours each volunteer activity may take so you can plan ahead.


Thanks for doing your part!





• Baking or providing snack item (1 hour)

• “Welcome new parents” event (1 hour)


Special Events

• Fall or Spring Fair (1 hour)

• Family fun afternoon (3 hours)



• Research and coordinate cultural programs (3 hours)

• Create and help with Arts activity (3 hours)

• Read to children (1 hour)



• Plan or assist with fundraising activities (5- 10 hours)

• Help with flyers, packets, materials or delivery (5 hours)

• Solicit donations for Auctions or Raffles (5 hours)


Parent/Community Communication

• Newsletter editor (3 hours)

• Prepare flyers for events (3 hours)

• Publicity- photograph events, write releases (3 hours)




Donations are one of the easiest ways to support the on-going efforts of EMCEL.


Donations may be given as an unrestricted donation to be used where the need is greatest, or in honor of, or in memory of a friend or relative, and may be designated for a particular purpose.


For more information on making a charitable, tax-deductible contribution to benefit EMCEL, contact us at 570-969-5390.